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2011 annual conference and labor model commendation congress

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The board of directors of Sansheng company and worker representative altogether 107 people gathered on the fourth floor of the office building conference hall, and attend the meeting that hosted by vice-general manager Li on 13rd Jan. 2012. Review the past 2011, looking forward to the 2012, a mixture mood in everyone's mind. The conference included summary report, the commendation of excellent employees,speech of  board of directors, lasted more than two hours, is brimming with the unity, self-confidence, progressive atmosphere.

First, general manager Mr. YuBingShi get a comprehensive summary of the work in the past year. In 2011, facing tough economic times.However in the leading of the board of directors and the leading group. All of the Sansheng staff working hard.In the meeting, the general manager Yu repeated again, more fierce market competition, the company size fast expanding cruel, "reputation" is more important, will always adhere to the quality first.

In the report, the general manager Yu reported more Sansheng company overall performance with the exact figures.At the same time, the report planning the 2012 performance targets and work the breakthrough to promote and develop the basic strategy and direction. The whole report seeking truth from facts, realistic, fully absorbed in planning stage for the functional departments opinion and the suggestion. Reporting process, all the employees encouraged, the many applauded warmly.

The development of the company can't without all the efforts of the staff, the second part of the meeting is reward advanced labor workers. Lu Hailiang¡¢Qin Daoliang¡¢Liao Quanying¡¢Xiao Longjiang won the model worker.

In the end of the meeting, the secretary of the board  Mr. Ruan Liwei got a speech. Thanks the hard working of all company's colleagues. Wish everybody in the New Year to overcome difficulties and brave innovation, solidarity, and create a better tomorrow.

Finally,vice-general manager Li announced that 2011 Sansheng company of congress labor model commendation congress end to a successful conclusion.


(From left to right:Lu Hailiang¡¢Liao Quanying¡¢Qin Daoliang¡¢Xiao Longjiang )


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